At a time when interior design programmes are all over our TV screens and home decoration has become ever more important, we are all constantly on the lookout for that perfect product to finish the job. Now you need look no further than the printed stretch ceiling!


The only limit is your imagination. Anything can be printed onto our stretch ceilings – landscapes, quotes, backgrounds, even family photos.

Our customers love how quirky yet practical it is!

It is the stuff of dreams for children and adults alike, but what about the price?

It’s a bargain! It is relatively inexpensive considering the practical aspects of the product: There is no paint, no smell and it’s quick to install – it is easy to put up and take down without dislodging dust or furniture! It has a lifetime of over 10 years and can be easily cleaned with a cloth and window cleaner.

Made from a flexible PVC membrane, it is easy to put up and take down without dislodging dust or furniture. It has a lifetime of over 10 years and can be easily cleaned with a cloth and window cleaner. What more could you ask for? One last secret… It is no more expensive than paying to repaint your ceiling. That’s what we call a product!

 For a modern, designer home


The choices are infinite (photos or geometric patterns). The only limit is your imagination.

Perfect harmony:

You can choose an image which perfectly matches the décor of your home and print it on either the ceiling or the wall.


Backlighting with LED strips reinforces the contrast and creates an amazing effect


The digital image you choose can be enhanced. All effects are possible.

Our product:

The stretch ceiling used is the same one used for all our products, whether plain or printed. The exclusive installation techniques remain unchanged.


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