I-EXTENZO® creates a perfect unity that increases the impression of space, conferring an elegant atmosphere style on any room. It also allows the discreet and elegant installation of a variety of accessories: sophisticated light fittings, alarms, ventilation, smoke detectors, sound systems… Finally, it improves acoustic and thermal comfort.


Description of the product

The I-EXTENZO® Stretch Ceiling system consists of a membrane made of a synthetic material, cut to shape and size and installed as
a false ceiling in a specific space.
But unlike conventional stretch ceilings, the I-EXTENZO® Stretch Ceiling system is fixed only around the edges, mainly at a chosen
height, using a specially designed anchoring system, and always equipped with a safety locking system.
The anchoring system guarantees solid fixing, but is easily removed.

Your interior transformed in an instant

A place for sharing meals and receiving friends, we all want our dining room to have a welcoming feel.
For both renovation projects and new builds, an I-EXTENZO® stretch ceiling is ideal for any size of room. It can be fitted quickly and cleanly, directly underneath your old ceiling with no demolition work or dust. An i-Extenzo stretch ceiling allows you keep almost the same ceiling height as before, although it an also be fitted lower if you wish. The wide choice of shapes and colours available means you can blend your new ceiling in with your existing decor or opt for a completely new effect.



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