Your personal and professional spaces can affect your morale or motivation if they are not lit correctly. Good lighting is preferable for reading, eating, working or simply enjoying your spaces. The LED bulb is the perfect complement to the indirect lighting of contemporary homes.


I-EXTENZO® has a wide range of LED bulbs and offers the possibility of customising your choice by spotlight finishes which are selected according to your stretch ceiling.

Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you can choose the location of your lighting points to highlight your table in the dining room, your work surface as you are cooking or even your office when you want to work.

 Customised, economic and high-performance lighting


LED bulbs have an energy performance between 40 and 100 Lumen per Watt in contrast with a standard bulbs, whose performances are between 10 and 20 Lm/W. This performance heats the lamp gradually so it does not become hot as with other bulbs (its temperature will not exceed 32C°). Even more importantly, this performance enables the lamp to consume less power, thus reducing the cost of power consumption and replacing the bulb. It therefore has a dual purpose: environmental and economic.



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