EXTENZO® has been able to consolidate its presence in France and other countries through a network of authorised dealers:artisans, small businesses or contractors; all of whom committed to going the extra mile to support the forward-looking stretch ceiling technology.

For any artisan involved in the ancillary building trade, window-making and joinery business, developing work in the “stretch ceilings”sector and opting to become an Extenzoauthorised dealeris a very wise move.

At our training centre, a key support during the whole phase, specialised salespeople and contractors learn all about how to lay ceilings and walls and are also trained in sales techniques.Those becoming authorised dealerssecurecompetitive advantages within a rapidly expanding area of technology, set to far out-pace conventional disciplines.

But all this depends on choosing the right partner.Opting for EXTENZO®, and its three decades of market experience lets you tap into a wealth of benefits:optimal customer-technician relations, service quality, support for your construction sites … at EXTENZO®, we ensure authorised dealerslearn what the word ‘partnership’ really means.

The most comprehensive selection on the market :

1) Hot-coated PVC stretch ceilings and walls

- Acoustic ceilings, acoustic walls, three-dimensional acoustic solutions

- Three-dimensional systems

- Translucent ceilings, backlit walls

- Decorative ceilings and printed walls

- Abundant selection of embedded spotlights and LED lighting

- Access flapsand mobile panels

- Structures made of metallised textile fabric

2) Cold-coated PVC and textile ceilings and walls

- Screens for greater widths

- Sublimation pressure for greater widths

Keen to learn more ?

Please contact Mr. Jean-Philippe Ruhlmann. By phone on + or by email to 

Why become an authorised dealer in four steps ?

  • A strong growth market
  • Trend toward interior fittings
  • A VAT rate of 10%providing an appealing incentive to use the services of fitters
  • Low technical investments (your existing set-up is virtually all you need)
  • Swift assembly (laying can be done immediatelyand the work involved can be expedited)
  • Small teams (a single individual can install up to 20m² of stretch ceiling single-handed)
  • Immediate return (low investments)
  • Liquidity optimisation (downpayment+ remaining payment on completion of work)
  • Technical and commercial support
  • Provision of marketing and advertising instruments

How to become an authorised dealer in four steps ?

1- Commercial and technical training

2- Laying tools and marketing instruments

3- The business development strategy

4- Support and assistance from our specialised team



Stretch ceilingsoccupy a niche market in the sector for suspended ceilings, which is on the up and which has expanded considerably in recent years.The stretch ceiling has huge promise, in both rebuilding and renovation sectors.