EXTENZO® is one of the historic players in the development of stretch ceilings in France and worldwide. Our 35 years of experience on all types of markets (apartments, houses, professional premises, public buildings…) has given us a high degree of expertise, for your benefit.


The stretch ceilings are guaranteed for 10 years on the welds in the membrane and the fastenings. This is a much longer period than the 2-year statutory warranty applicable to removable products. EXTENZO® grants this warranty on the condition, however, that all the materials used for the ceiling, its installation and any items integrated in the ceiling are supplied by our company.


Confident in the quality of its stretch ceilings and the professionalism of its Approved dealer, EXTENZO® offers you an exclusive 5-year extension to your warranty. To benefit from this extended warranty, simply complete the «10+5 years» form once the stretch ceiling has been installed. In normal conditions of use, one of our stretch ceilings should be able to stay in place for over 30 years.


An EXTENZO® stretch ceiling is 100% recyclable. We undertake to take back all our old ceilings and send them for recycling.