Extenzo is a tried-and-tested solution for ceilings in professional spaces too. We offer ceiling solutions for the hospitality industry, hospitals and clean rooms, acoustic ceilings for auditoriums and concert halls, printed ceilings for fair stands, illuminated ceilings for sales spaces, acoustic walls for meeting rooms, backlit ceilings for art galleries, micro-perforated ceilings for shopping centres and three-dimensional stretch ceilings for museums.Not to mention backlit and printed walls for exhibitions and solutions made of metallised textile fabric for your design projects. As dictated by special projects, we also use ceilings and walls which can be covered in intelligent textiles at normal room temperature.

Chanel pavilion. Temporary Extenzo installation:walls and ceiling in matt white.

The walls and ceiling are backlit and printed.Translucent screen with LED lighting.

Backlit, printed acoustic wall.

Design featuring a backlit three-dimensional Extenzo wall in a shopping centre.

Design featuring a brown paintedceiling in a restaurant, acoustic foil and printed, backlit wall.

Hoisted white-painted Extenzo stretch ceiling, focusing on a translucent backlit ellipse with colour change. Stretch ceilings with embedded spotlights.

Backlit acoustic walls and ceilings with colour change.

Backlit acoustic walls and ceilings with colour change.Translucent covering walls.

Design featuring a Vatican event, with the printed wall showcasing archived works.

Special Aztec art event.Design featuring a printed wall with a quartz effect.

Design featuring a paintedwhite ceiling and a backlit three-dimensional wall with colour change within the relaxation area of a spa.Three-dimensional covering walls.

Meeting room with an Extenzo ceiling, which heats, cools and ventilates all in one.Shiny white ceiling.A stretch ceiling with built-in lighting.