Today, consumers rightfully expect total security.A need which has become even more acute in several fields; based on specific criteria and reflected by European Directives tightening up existing regulations.

Extenzo stretch ceilings :

  • Meet EC standards
  • Are produced in accordance with the French standard NF EN 14 716
  • Are certified in accordance with ASQUAL test certificates
  • 15-year guarantee in accordance with our general conditions of sale. We are contactable via

UTD (Unified Technical Document)

UTD standards codify all technical provisions, as proven by experience and professionally approved.

In most cases, specialists handle the work involved in implementing a standard on a voluntary basis.

These standards allow the following :

  • Defining a common language,
  • Clarifying and harmonising practices,
  • Defining the level of quality and safety to be upheld.


Materials intended for use in construction have to be highly resistant to inflammation.The main goal is to prevent the rapid outbreak of fire, which may impede the evacuation of a building.

All the screens provided by Extenzomeet CE standards.

If fire does strike, this behaviour plays a decisive role.In this respect, the B-s2,d0 classification allows our products to be used unrestricted in public places. It also underlines our uncompromising commitment, to only release products having met all the appropriate safety requirements into supply chains.